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Photos by Greyson Christian Plate

Live Music Photos by Synder Smith Photography

Quick Bio

Kara Cavanaugh is a singer-songwriter based in Chicago.

Her debut album "Ain't Gonna Run” produced by Packy Lundholm (I Fight Dragons) and Dan Moulder (Tom Schraeder & His Ego, Free Space) is a diverse collection that features her musical influences ranging from Laurel Canyon folk, powerful piano ballads, sultry R&B, and cinematic soundscapes.

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If You See Him (Remix) feat. D2G

Copyright 2020, Kara Cavanaugh, LLC.  All Rights Reserved.

Kara Cavanaugh - Vocals

D2G - Vocals

Packy Lundholm - Guitar, Bass

Pete Lundholm - Drums

Dan Moulder- Keys

Written by Kara Cavanaugh, D2G, Packy Lundholm, & Dan Moulder

Produced & Edited by Packy Lundholm

Filmed and recorded at Soundvault Studios, Chicago, IL

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